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Chantal Thomas & Delacre are committed to education


All little girls do not have the chance to access to education and the right to go to school.Chantal Thomas and Delacre undertake to provide this privilege to the greatest number.

Malala Youzafai, Pakistani 17 years has been named Nobel Peace Prize.Victim Taliban prohibiting school girls to Pakistan, Malala made access to education emblem, his struggle.In his speech, the young woman wanted to remember how education is an opportunity: "Our pens and books are our most powerful weapons."

If his face is known and that his fight was taken to the highest level by the Nobel Prize, Malala is not only to mobilize for access to education for girls.For three years now, Delacre agrees with the association all at the School.Created by Tina Kieffer journalist, this association has chosen to develop a high level of education for small disadvantaged girls.All the School focuses its battle on Cambodia, a country with half the population is under the age of 18 and lost 90% of its intellectuals during the genocide by the Khmer Rouge.

Greedy and generous

For the third consecutive year Delacre made her famous cake mixes over generosity, a way to engage in this fight for education. For the occasion Delacre invited the famous seamstress Chantal Thomas to rethink the design of 150,000 boxes. Having met Tina Kieffer and have gone to Cambodia, Chantal Thomas, who claims affected by this initiative because of its status as a mother and grandmother, accepted the challenge: "I admire the work done and very aware of all that remains to be done. Provided Delacre sell thousands of boxes for happiness still win priceless smiles. "

Thus, six new limited edition boxes are to be found.Boxes that are codes and inspirations of Chantal Thomas powder pink background and printed padded leather, both glamorous and feminine, with monuments and silhouettes that invite travel.The fine detail also point lace and delicate creations of the seamstress.

Funds raised through the sale of these boxes will include maintenance of classrooms, purchase and renewal of school supplies, linens and uniforms.Be generous and delicious, agree with Chantal Thomas and Delacre.

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