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How to do a smoky eye?


On the occasion of the make-up Days, which ended October 12, 2014, the Yves Rocher we confit its beauty tips on making perfect makeup. Discover how to make smoky eyes in just 3 steps.

To achieve a perfect smoky eyes, you need:

  • Pen radiant youth (11.95 € )
  • Eye Pencil 3 in 1 brown (3.50 €)
  • Sumptuous Color Powder Quartet - Sumptuous brown (5.95 €)
  • Elixir Volume Mascara (14.90 €)
  • Angled brush (7 €)
  • Smoky brush (10.90 €)

Step 1: illuminate

Start by putting some light on the shadows (dark circles, sides of the nose and brow bone) with Radiance Corrector Pen by applying pat. Be careful to apply the keys light on the brow bone in the first and then apply loose powder.

Step 2: intensify

Then intensify your look with a pencil at the grass lower lashes. On the upper lid, draw a thick line in several passes to get a good intensity. Stop the third pencil before the inner corner of the eye and use the angled brush to smudge the pencil.

Step 3: Shade

It'll just shade the while stretching the material on mobile eyelid with the foam applicator brush Smoky. Finally, apply a little mascara on your lashes volume vertigo.

Top Tip

Feel free to make up eyebrows brush them against the direction to remove the powder, then brush them in the direction of hair growth. Then hachurez with pencil on sparse areas. Iron a brush to smudge the pencil. And voila.

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