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Make up : how to have a zero defect complexion ?


For the third consecutive year, Yves Rocher proposed transaction Make Up Days to all its customers in the shops of the brand. Women were able to enjoy beauty tips for a successful makeup every time. Learn how to perform a zero defect complexion in minutes thanks to tips from an expert makeup artist.

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Step 1: Fix

Start debugging your complexion with Stick Concealers. Apply it with a brush Concealers starting from the inside to the outside of the ring by gentle tapping. And try the operation around the mouth.

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Step 2: unify

Then unify your complexion corrector with Zero Defects. Use the Foundation Brush, apply the material on the forehead, chin and cheeks then spread the correction using circular movements.

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Step 3 matify

Finally, finish by blotting your skin with Loose Powder using the powder puff with light tapping with emphasis on the areas of brightness (forehead and nose and chin).

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The council pro

Feel free at any time of the day to absorb excess oil with a tissue before you repoudrer. You are now ready to wear a nude complexion zero defects.

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